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Asiaventura awarded "The Best Sustainable Tourism Development Company".

With us, you discover the world while leaving positive impacts

Berlin/Bangkok, Mar 10, 2022. Asiaventura is honored to announce that it is awarded “the Best Sustainable Tourism Development Company - Thailand”.

The award is given by LUXlife Magazine, a publication highlighting premium lifestyle and the most cutting edge services, attractions and events worldwide, including the finest restaurants, hotels, and travel companies.

Asiaventura was subject to LUXlife's rigorous vetting procedure. Their judging process is driven by merit and centered around an in-depth evaluation of skills and services on offer. Awardees must demonstrate expertise within their field, dedication to customer service and a commitment to promoting excellence. This approach enforces LUXlife's stance that winners are determined by their contributions to their industry.

“We are very proud of his award, since it shows that we are still able to uphold our commitment to sustainable practices despite these difficult times. It is also an honor to our partners and staff, who are the true champions for the cause.” said Vera Senapan, executive director of Asiaventura.

Vera also credited Asiaventura’s success in winning the award to Ventura TRAVEL’s sustainable travel scheme which include a support to the vSocial Foundation, a Carbon emission offset program for travelers, TourCert - Sustainability Certification, Participation in the Round Table on Human Rights in Tourism, as well as the internal procedure that carefully selected business partners to ensure both sustainable practice and high-quality services to the clients.

“We would like to thank all of our partners in our travel value chain for their support and participation. Often these are not easy to achieve since it means that they have to change some activities and train the staff to do something that takes an extra effort than normal. They are motivated to participate in our sustainable program since they can see both the environmental and business benefits from doing so.” said Andrew Greiner, the Travel & Operations Specialist for Asiaventura in Thailand.

Loris Curtenaz, the French Market Travel Specialist added “Exploring the world should have positive effects. That's why our trips will always aim at creating positive lasting impacts while travelers are having the time of their lives. Southeast Asia has so many sustainable travel activities to offer. We look forward to creating more amazing and sustainable tours designed for our adventurous travelers.”

More information about Asiaventura’s sustainable travel program can be found here:

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Asiaventura is part of the tour operator Ventura TRAVEL GmbH, known for sustainable and authentic travel. The company manages a local-based tour operation unit that is specialized in off-the-beaten path travel in Southeast Asia, with craft itineraries that are based on years of knowledge and the exclusive relationships that the company cultivated with the trusted local experts. All Asiaventura’s trips adhere to environmental & social standards to ensure that travelers leave a positive impact on the destinations.

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